Amber Lime Feather Beard Oil

20,00 €

Noberu of Sweden Amber Lime Feather Beard Oil is a lighter and slightly thinner beard oil that absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling in the beard and the skin. Beard Oil protects and moisturises your beard and skin underneath the beard which prevents itching and irritation. Feather Beard oil is perfect to use before you go to work during the spring and summer or before the date when you need a quick fix. Beard oil is based on the thistle and sunflower oil. These oils are cold pressed, which means that all the good qualities remain in the oil. They are not refined which can been seen at the light golden color. You can "control" the bottle so that you can pump a half pump if the amount is sufficient for your beard. You do not need to press down the entire pump if you do not want.