HobePergh HobePergh Antiage Hand Cream

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Ab: 21,00 €

HobePergh Antiage Hand Cream is a rich, nourishing and lenitive cream that rejuvenates and clears skin spots by protecting hands from external agents. The combined action of HobePergh Herbs, the extract of Hypericum and Rosehip purifies the skin in depth, protects, moisturizes and relieves from irritations due to climatic changes and the use of aggressive chemicals that alter the lipid mantle of the skin. The presence of Cogic Acid counteracts the effects of skin aging such as spots and atony. The concentration of vegetable oils and butters like shea butter, bran oil, grape seed oil and vegetable glycerin privilege and contrast the typical signs of aging, stimulating cell renewal.
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MAIN INGREDIENTS: HobePergh Herbs and Hay Blend of wild mountain herbs, rich in active ingredients with detoxifying, regenerating, purifying, moisturizing, decongesting and draining properties. Calendula Healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, refreshing, emollient and dermopathic properties. Organic Shea Butter Rich in Vitamin A, D, E and F, oleic, stearic, palmitoleic and linoleic acid, it has nourishing, emollient, firming, anti-wrinkle properties and helps to keep the skin compact. It contributes to the production of collagen and elastic fundamental to give the skin elasticity and tone and to prevent stretch marks. Rice bran oil Rich in Vitamin E, it is a strong antioxidant that counteracts free radicals by combating aging. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory, emollient, moisturizing, hypocholesterolemic properties and prevents from cardiovascular disorders and skin aging. It protects from UV rays. Vegetable Glycerine Moisturizing and emollient action.

HOW TO USE: Spread daily to protect and delay skin aging. Apply as a repair pack, or locally in the affected areas in case of stains and spots.


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Funktion Anti-aging
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