Isadora Face Primer Under Cover 30 Blurring

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Isadora Face Primer Under Cover 30 Blurring is a primer.
Skin Beauty Foundation is the fusion of skincare and make up. A featherlight protecting, correcting and nourishing foundation.
A refined formula corrects and uniforms the complexion, hiding fine lines and skin imperfections.
Color-corrects and protects
Blurs fine lines and spots
Creates a “second-skin” effect
Clinically tested and formulated without perfume.

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Key Ingredients: Blend of bamboo silica and pea extract – boosts the skin’s production of collagen, making it firmer. Caffeine – improves blood circulation and decreases the visibility of dark circles. Sodium Hyaluronate – a small molecule in the family of hyaluronic acid thus has a better penetrating effect, helping retain more moisture. How to use: Apply all over clean face and wear it by its own, or underneath makeup as a primer base.


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Menge 30 ml
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